Who is jon richardson dating 2016

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What do they say to their partner after a bad gig – and what happens when one is more successful than the other? “It’s basically a small terrified man and his (would you believe it) even smaller and sometimes more terrified wife making a list of the things that they’re scared might kill them, and then me going out and looking into them,” Richardson explains.Not all comedy couples talk about their other half: Stewart Lee rarely mentions Bridget Christie, and she refers to him as her "fictional on-stage husband." Sarah Millican is an over-sharer, whereas her husband Gary Delaney sticks firmly to impersonal one-liners.

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As one of Britain’s most cautious men, Jon is the perfect guide to help us risk assess life in these scary times.The broadcaster cites the fact that 77 per cent of Brits think international terrorism is the biggest threat facing the world – despite being 11 times more likely to die by slipping during a shower.Richardson, who is also a fretful expectant father, said: ‘My green cross code has always been look left, look right, look up, look down, check your blind spot and you'll probably still have some sort of accident.In 2006, Richardson appeared in The Comedy Zone at the Edinburgh Festival.He also completed a 60-date British and Irish tour with Alan Carr, and made an appearance on Paramount's The Comedy Store.

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