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Uyen Luu’s earliest food memory is of her grandmother’s bún bò Hue – steaming bowls of noodle soup made from pig-trotter and chicken broth with tiny slivers of beef, pork and chicken."She would save me a chicken heart because she knew how much I loved them," Luu says.If you’re not a white guy, then your opinion on how people respond to “white guys” can only be that of a spectator.To make an analogy, imagine you heard people say over and over, “Waitresses at Denny’s restaurants hate black guys.” Now ask yourself whose opinion on this would matter: An individual waitress who works at one Denny’s, a random customer who’s gone to Denny’s a few times, or a black guy who’s gone to Denny’s twice a day everyday for three years straight in every state in the entire country?After a few attempts (Luu isn’t sure how many) he managed to get to Britain – in 1980 he was picked up at sea by a Hong Kongese ship – where he successfully applied for refugee status.He sent for his wife, a five-year-old Uyen and her three-year-old brother, who arrived two years later.

Goes to either Dodgeball Mondays/Wednesdays, plays in one of the dozens football clubs and maybe touch rugby Saturdays.

"He was given a handful of rice and a pinch of salt and that was all he ate every day, on top of doing hard labour," Luu says.

Her father suffered a similar fate when he tried to escape.

The “I’m only here for business guy” He is here once in a while, comes back and forth, at least he is usually clear about it! The “Viet Kieu” or Coming back here to find his roots man! Loves adventure, traveling and discovering new cultures.

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