Vb net validating event not firing

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I had a situation today where i had a webform with a Gridview, a modal popup extender and a dummy button to fire up the hidden panel for the modal popup extender.

If i pressed cancel to close the popup, when i next pressed the button to open up the modal popup nothing happened and i had to click the button a second time.

I created a client-side script that fires when you click the button (and before the browser processes __do Post Back). In the Drop Down List control's serverside Selected Index Changed function, I check the value to make sure it ISN'T 1.

Obviously you have to set the value of the hidden field to 0 by default and AFTER each Post Back.

So if you have a modal popup extender and are using validation controls always ensure you add a validation group to your controls.

This eliminates the possibility the end-users will incorrectly enter the values.

The refining of the data is done later, when the data is passed to another layer for processing.

Has anyone tried turning caching off for these pages?

Hi Rick, I have an application made by using asp.net, C#.

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