Silicon valley dating reviews

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Much of this is down to the apps Tinder, Hinge and Happn, created by Silicon Valley’s young new masters of the universe. Well, as someone completing a Ph D thesis on the history of dating services, I can confidently tell you that – over and above the soul-destroyingly asinine sound of Mc Leod's idea – it won't work.

Nor will any other clever little dating life-hack dreamed up in Silicon Valley, come thick and fast though they do.

For ,000 (yes, ,000), Linx offers a "silver" package, which guarantees clients eight introductions over two years, with matches drawn from a database of about 850 active members.

Upgrade to "platinum" for ,000 more and you'll get 10 introductions plus a "romantic concierge" to plan your dates.

Not only was it mortifying that someone had feigned romantic interest in her in order to get a job interview...

in San Mateo has hired professional matchmaker Amy Andersen of Linx Dating LLC.

As the work-obsessed get closer to middle age, opportunities to find romance dwindle.

These Silicon Valley Bridget Joneses, who embedded themselves in cubicles during the 1990s high-tech boom, are waking up to what they missed while they were logged on and tuned out to love.

more Silicon Valley, with its cerebral intensity and unrelenting sense of urgency, is an all-hours kind of joint, where napkin-jotters and bonanza-dreamers patter away at keyboards, determined to wring opportunity from every moment.

That kind of all-consuming careerism comes with a catch.

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