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J.” Rushing and Gerald Commissiong, picked up the four girls that night and took them to Jenkins’ room in Larkin.

There, behind a closed door, the four girls drank for an hour and danced for a few minutes before going to the restroom to throw up.

The company invested 3 million in new tooling, equipment and an expansion at the plant for the two SUVs.

The charge resulted from a police investigation that looked into hazing, sexual assault and providing alcohol to minors during a Big Sister/ Little Sister pledge event on May 7, 2003. At the event, four freshman football players hosted a power hour, where four sorority pledges drank a shot of beer every minute for an hour, according to the police report.

By "significantly" here I do not necessarily mean "at some arbitrary p value", but rather more subjectively "enough to matter in terms of bias, precision, confidence interval coverage, etc".

Thus almost be definition measure of model fit are going to be relative.

Further, while the goal is usually going to be to find a general model that fits "well enough", we will later see that this model often (usually) is a jumping off point to considering other models (derived from this general model) to address specific questions, or to reduce model complexity in the interest of parsimony (address further under multi-model inference).

perform goodness of fit testing for certain types of CMR models.

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