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The priesthood is less important in rural Hinduism: non-Brahmins and non-priests often carry out ritual and prayer there.

Hindus believe in the repetitious Transmigration of the Soul.

She is believed to rule over fertility and disease -- and thus over life and death.With 250 reproductions of original art and gracefully translated text, it will satisfy the sexually curious and educate the historically inclined.Bicycle Built for Two By Anne Hooper/ DK Adult .00 (paperback) No need for a lovers’ quarrel! Arbuthnot/Stewart, Tabori & Chang .50 (hardcover) The childhood-evoking pop-up aspect of this attractive, amusing book makes it feel distinctly naughty.Calibrated radiocarbon ages of five samples were consistent with the corresponding historical ages; the "old wood effect" is negligible for ancient Japanese sutras.Japanese paper has been made from fresh branches grown within a few years and the interval from trimming off the branches to writing sutra on the paper is within one year.

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