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However, the couple separated amicably in 1993 then divorced in 1999. He completes the image by wearing a white shirt, black suit, and tie.Some sources claimed that they are dating and Green "seems to be his new muse", however, Green and Burton haven't confirmed their relationship officially till date.Eva Green and Tim Burton Eva Green and Tim Burton's dating rumor started after they were spotted together enjoying night at London where Burton appeared with his arm around the actress after a dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

To put it another way, I once joked to my mom, "I'm thinking of developing a crippling drug addiction to deal with all the stress in my life." Her response: "You mean, so you can write a hilarious autobiography like Carrie Fisher? I sat in the front row of the audience at her panel, grinning like a total dork at Princess Leia and writing down everything she said, just for you. During the Q&A portion of Fisher's D*C panel, a fan asked her for her name card as a souvenir. In her bestselling memoir and one-woman show, "Wishful Drinking," Fisher tells her readers, "George Lucas ruined my life." One reason for that?

Fisher said yes and invited her down to the front to get it, then proceeded to lean across the table and give the woman a kiss smack on the lips. The costumes she had to wear in as Princess Leia in Star Wars.

Fisher told the D*C crowd that while she hated the white dress from "A New Hope," the famed metal bikini in "Return of the Jedi" was the worst of all.

However, she dated Despite being a celeb, she rarely uses social medias to share anything personal.

She mostly shares her professional work via Twitter.

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