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He’s been a musician in the public eye for nearly half of his life, and over the past decade, he’d be most accurately described as a folk artist.His latest album is being released on Nonesuch, a label whose release slate includes the Black Keys, Natalie Merchant, and Nickel Creek.Here, he’s not chasing death, but death will catch up with him because he’s Conor Oberst, human being.The most resonant moments of during the otherwise chintzy, rhinestone cowboy pop of “Hundreds of Ways”, “I hope I am forgotten when I die” is the most poisonously enunciated line on the LP. “His voice,” he says, rolling a joint between his fingers. ” “I brought something,” I say, producing a bottle of Bacardi from my satchel. I know it’s corny when small-town girls say they were meant for bigger places, but that’s how I felt back then, when football players called my boyfriend a fag, when men in trucks spit on a Democratic Party sign in our front yard, when popular girls made fun of me for my grades, my hair, my stupid shoes. That Tuesday afternoon, Geoff and I spend hours in his dorm room listening to his Bright Eyes CD. I sit on the cold linoleum with a crusty towel underneath me. When he sings, “We are nowhere, and it’s now,” it makes me think of the town I grew up in, small and shabby and full of hate. If he were asking for my opinion—and he’s not—I would tell him that I like the music but what I like most about Conor Oberst is that he writes about being from some place nobody talks about and everybody leaves. ” But the rum settles me, and after a while my face and feet start to feel warm and furry. ” Geoff asks, skipping to track two for the third time.

Because chances are, if you’re listening to “First Day,” you’re already hopelessly in the throes of new relationship energy – that state of altered consciousness that occurs when you’re crushing hard on someone and everything is shiny, sparkly, rainbows and unicorns abounding.These jokesters would then proceed to marry off their celebrity avatars to their friends.One freshman was engaged to Bjork, another was dating Colin Farrell.Now that celebrities and mere mortals share their lives on the same platforms, there is an asymmetrical feeling of intimacy: The fan can follow the celebrity with great attention, and the celebrity can broadcast their life without giving a thought to the massive public audience at the receiving end.With the old hurdles of gaining access to celebrities removed, fans have an unprecedented sense of connection to the private lives of their idols.

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