Asp net validating forms

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Validation Groups allow developers in this scenario to require validation of the search textbox prior to posting to the page – while cleanly partitioning this validation logic from the rest of the input on other places of the page.

Will it be possible to have a validation control belong to more than one group?

but it works), then you’ve got yourself the easiest of all fixed.

Inputs of an application should be validated first.

Find out j Query code to perform validation for ASP. The code includes validations for email address, phone number, date, date format, ASP. I believe life is short, and it is for loving, sharing, learning and connecting.

NET Textbox with only number and many more validation techniques. This website communicates about my work, learning and experience.

If data annotations are not sufficient for your case, you can implement ICustom Validate interface as shown below: ICustom Validate interface declares Add Validation Errors method to be implemented. If you implement both interfaces, both of them will be called.Client-side validation is implemented mostly for user experience.It's better to check a form first in the client and show invalid fields to the user.To get a better understanding of the problem, have a look at this HTML that’s generated by MVC on postback.It contains an error message for a required text field. Without proper styling the above HTML looks like this: Not too bad, but could be better.

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